Meet David Martinez

As Senior Commercial Manager, I’m responsible for all sales and marketing in Mexico and Latin America. I spend around 90 percent of my time in our Mexico offices, and the rest visiting our various customers in the Latin American region. 

I’ve worked here since 2012. When the company was acquired by Refresco in 2018, we became integrated into the North American platform. We are part of the global team and a clear, common purpose, and set of values unites us. 

Though my job is focused around a specific geographical area, it truly feels global. We’re familiar with our counterparts in other parts of the world; we see them at leadership training events and learn from their successes and share ours.

Flexibility is at the core of the way we work. Refresco as a company is keen that every member of the company understands the mission and acts accordingly. There’s room for error and mistakes, but we need to achieve results - and we do. 

"I feel empowered by the company values and by its structure."

- David Martinez, Senior Commercial Manager, Mexico & Latin America

Open lines of communication

For me, this has a profound impact. The lines of communication are open from office to office and from top management to entry-level employee. This has created a work environment that's supportive, agile, and dynamic. The accountability that goes with this is a huge motivating force.

As part of a leadership program I’ve been in contact with three people who have really helped me progress through the company since last year’s acquisition: the HR Manager from the Group, the CEO, and my mentor, the Managing Director of Refresco Italy.

To be offered guidance from these individuals has been very inspiring: even though we’re a very high-achieving company, the senior management are genuinely invested in their people, no matter where they work in the company. I hope that I instill the same kind of enthusiasm in my direct reports in our daily meetings, as my mentors have in me.