Where we operate

International company

We are an international operating company, operating across Europe and North America. In Europe, we have over 30 factories in France, Benelux, UK, Germany, Italy, Iberia, Poland and Finland.  In North America we have almost 30 facilities operating in the USA, Canada and Mexico. 

National coverage in North America

In North America, the largest single soft drinks market globally, we are able to service national and super-regional customers thanks to our unique production network. We have a strong beverage manufacturing footprint in US and Canada with strategically-located beverage manufacturing and fruit processing facilities around key customers. In the US we even have a national coverage which means that 90% of consumers are within a 600km radius of a plant.

Pan-European production platform

Our leading positions in the retailer brands and contract manufacturing markets are supported by our pan-European manufacturing network. Our production locations are close to warehouses and distribution centers, ensuring close proximity to customer. With almost 200 bottling lines in total, our manufacturing facilities include some of the most modern in Europe, capable of producing all varieties of non-alcoholic drinks and packaging.